Rick Reynolds out enjoying his beautiful home city of Portland, OR. His other passions include the outdoors and playing tennis.

Rick's other passions include exploring the outdoors and playing tennis.

Rick Reynolds is the author of several books, including Marco the Molecule and The EverGreen Twins Activity Book. He has been a passionate educator and developer of engaging educational resources for 20 years, having taught nearly every grade and subject, preK-12. He holds a M.S. in Education from the University of New Haven and a B.A. in Geography (Honors Scholar) from the University of Connecticut. He is fortunate to live in Portland, Oregon, where he enjoys exploring the beautiful landscapes Marco and his friends helped to create.

Rick has also had a blast illustrating the books, though it was nice to have the assistance of Cristina Watson for Marco the Molecule.

LogoRick is the founder of Engaging Press and Engaging Every Student, LLC, which share the same logo. The hand is like those we traced when we were children. Remember cutting yours out and decorating it, and then proudly displaying it on the classroom wall or presenting it to your parents? We remember educational experiences like this one because they are active and they allow us to engage our creativity and produce something we can share with others.

The hand is brightly colored to symbolize engagement and alertness, and the arrow represents student activity. They both point up to symbolize a student who has raised her hand to make a contribution or ask a compelling question in class, as well as the positive results that come from making the learning process more student-centered, active, visual, and fun. The arrow is green to symbolize both action (as in the green light on a traffic signal) and our passion to integrate sustainability into our books and company practices.

Additional symbolism represents the other core tenants of our mission. The arrow also represents both school and home. Notice that the hand stretches outside of it. This focuses on our mission to help students, teachers, and parents to engage with the outdoors and their local communities. The bright blue circle symbolizes the world made better by the actions of young people, as well as their own futures, enriched by their connections with nature and the broader community.