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Solutions to Puzzles in The EverGreen Twins Activity Book:

Ecology Crossword Puzzle (page 12)Happy Red Worm

Endangered and Threatened Species Word Search (page 13)

Eco-doku Puzzle (page 14)

More Eco-doku Puzzles (page 15)

Eco-doku Challenge (page 16)

Pollination Maze (page 21)

Walter’s Water Cycle (page 78)

Walter the Water Molecule Crossword Puzzle (page 79)

Walter the Water Molecule Crossword Puzzle Challenge! (page 80)

Sustainable Living Word Search + Hidden Message (page 83)

Energy Word Search Challenge! (page 117)

Renewable Energy Crossword Puzzle (page 130)

Sustainability Maze (page 145)

Sample answers to other activities:

Biomes of the World (page 31)

Keystone Species Connections (page 33)