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“It was an absolute pleasure working with Rick. He had great ideas and suggestions for our website and at the same time was incredibly responsive to incorporating our ideas into the overall plan. Because our office is very busy, we kept getting diverted with work. Rick kept us on track and moved us forward in the most positive way possible. In addition to be very talented and knowledgeable he is incredibly good natured, encouraging and upbeat. We have gotten nothing but rave reviews about our new website. He is a very talented guy and we recommend him without any reservations whatsoever.”
Patricia Phelan, Ph.D., Owner, Educational Connections

“Rick has assisted SOLVE with the development of a comprehensive environmental service-learning curriculum, educational posters, and educational website content. Rick’s work has always been very well done and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our constituents. He always completes tasks on time and communicates effectively throughout the process.”
Quintin Bauer, Statewide Program Manager at SOLVE

“Rick is a rock star! He knows his stuff technically, and he’s a pleasure to work with. He was always rock solid with his content, but more importantly, he has great people skills! Whether it’s leading a design meeting or directing his team, he’s always cheerful, articulate, thoughtful, and always wears a smile. I would love the opportunity to work with Rick again!”
Spencer Warden, former Technical Product Manager, Inspiration Software

“We are thrilled with the website that Rick developed for us! He was easy to work with, provided valuable insight and great suggestions, and completed the website on time. Couldn’t be happier!”
– Bruce Abernethy, Chair, Children’s Forest of Central Oregon Advisory Board

“No matter the obstacle, Rick can help. His work ethic inspires integrity and creative thinking in those around him and he listens to new ideas and suggestions with an open mind. Rick can handle a variety of large and small tasks simultaneously and still exceed expectations upon delivery. He is self-directed and acts quickly when faced with a challenge. Rick has my highest recommendation as a person and as a colleague.”
Shawn Schneider, former Manager of Product Specialists, Inspiration Software

“Rick, your end product exceeded my highest hopes!!! I really cannot thank you enough!!! You did an amazing amazing job!!!! You are a gift.”
– D’Ann Davis, Program Coordinator, ALES Alcohol Server Education

“Rick Reynolds produced a teacher’s guide for my Calvin Coconut series of books for young readers. My purpose was to create a printable web document that could help classroom and home school teachers discover ways to use these books in their curriculum. I asked Rick to create this guide because of his extensive experience in the educational world, his knowledge of grade-level curriculum, and his easy-to-work-with manner. The great part for me was to be able to give him an idea or two, then watch him run with it, taking my thoughts to places I may never have, even if I’d had the time and energy to invest in it. Experience, intelligence, timeliness, talent, and someone comfortable with kids are what I found in Rick Reynolds. Highly recommended.”
Graham Salisbury, award-winning author

“In Rick’s classroom, students were both learner and teacher. They were actively engaged through thoughtful and thought provoking lessons. In Rick’s classroom, students did not learn about being a “global citizen,” they were global citizens. Students learned in and outside of the classroom through technology and assignments that involved the community or world at large. Clearly, Rick was a “master” teacher.”
– Kim Noah, former principal, West Linn High School

“As a staff member, Mr. Reynolds was a true team player. Mr. Reynolds is incredibly proficient with computers, an expertise he shared willingly with his colleagues. Whenever anyone was “stuck,” Mr. Reynolds was quick to bail him/her out. He spent countless hours problem-solving with the staff and fixing our computer glitches. Along with his co-teacher in the Technology Center, Mr. Reynolds developed and instructed a series of twenty-minute in-service sessions called “QuickBytes.” These presentations were designed to instruct staff in efficient computer use. Offered periodically, on a come-as-you-wish basis, the lessons increased our effectiveness as professionals. He relates well to faculty and students alike. Mr. Reynolds possesses outstanding technical ability, a good over-all knowledge of curriculum, and solid organizational skills.”
– Susan Sullivan, former principal and vice principal, Beecher Road School

“Rick was an outstanding educator, exactly the type of person we wanted. He related well to students, and he was a thoughtful, engaging, and popular teacher. Rick was able to flow with the ups and downs of teenagers and not let scheduling changes or other minutiae bother him. His easy manner made him a great person to work around because his demeanor is always positive and upbeat. For strengths, I would say his intellect, his communication abilities, and his ability to work with all types of people. For weaknesses, I honestly do not know of any. Given the chance, I would hire him again at a moment’s notice.”
– Robert Hamm, Campus College Chair, Education, Univ. of Phoenix; former personnel director, West Linn-Wilsonville School District

“Rick has demonstrated himself to be extraordinarily clear in his presentation. He seems to have a natural sense of realizing terms that need to be explicitly defined to enable his students to understand. He is sharp enough to have developed a keen ability to analyze learning situations acutely, and then adjust the environment and the activities to enhance learning. As a member of the faculty, Rick is a contributor to the camaraderie that builds synergy in the group. He is humorous in an intelligent way, and his colleagues enjoy his company. He is easy for them to be with, as he gets along well with others and fits well in an organization. In our collaborative experience, Rick always was willing to make a contribution to solve problems, to further the achievement of the goals of the school. He is energetic, capable, and dedicated.”
– Kevin Brennan, principal, Carrington Elementary School; former principal, Beecher Road School

“Rick brought to the job a wonderful spark of excitement for students and faculty alike. Finding ways to make even the least desirable tasks enjoyable, he drew all students into each lesson. He worked closely with teachers to integrate the use of computers into many aspects of the students’ days. As a teacher of teachers, Rick was sought after by his colleagues for assistance in their own learning. It has been a tremendous pleasure to work closely with Rick. The students, the faculty and staff, and I miss him, his energy, and his genuineness.”
– Rick Wood, former supervisor and inspirational mentor, Beecher Road School

“Mr. Reynolds carefully designs lessons to make them interesting and provide for varied types of learning styles through use of learning centers, cooperative learning, and hands-on activities. Students were also excited and highly motivated to learn during debates and other class activities. He is purposeful in his instructions and continually motivates and encourages his students. Mr. Reynolds exhibits a great deal of talent as a teacher and leader of young people. He has established himself well with students, colleagues, and parents and truly represents and epitomizes a professional in his demeanor and conduct. I recommend him unreservedly.”
– Betty Mays, former supervisor and inspirational mentor, Stratford Academy: Johnson House, Advanced Learning Program

“Mr. Reynolds is one of the finest graduate students I have taught . . . he writes very well, is exceedingly articulate, and thinks critically. His comments were insightful and his questions challenged me as few other student queries have in many years. That is, perhaps, the highest complement I can pay him.”
– Ron Heiferman, Ph.D., professor and chair, Dept. of History, Quinnipiac University

“Rick is an extraordinary educator and visionary with a palpable commitment to ecological health and sustainability. Every picture, story and game in The EverGreen Twins Activity Book is infused with his passion for environmental education. All of his production and distribution choices for the book represent his unwavering commitment to supporting local and sustainable businesses. He is an energetic, trustworthy, thoughtful and creative director who strives for excellence in his products and services. Rick’s eternal drive and enthusiasm are inspiring to his business partners, his clients and me! The EverGreen Twins Activity Book is a must-have for every classroom and I highly recommend Rick for developing your educational resources!”
– Katie Bell, former EverGreen Twins Outreach Director, Engaging Every Student

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